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A Caleb Hypothesis

Chuck Paulson, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

A SWOT analysis of Second Generation Wittenberg Exegetical Theory and Practice

John Perling, Faith Lutheran Church, Saint Robert

Art in the Heart of Biblical Reading: The Biblia Pauperum and Cranach’s 1550 Law and Gospel Painting

Matthew Rosebrock, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Lindenwood

“Ascent” and “Vision” in Patristic Reading of Scripture

Joshua Vanderhyde, Faith Lutheran Church, Carbondale

Assessing the Return to Christological Readings of Scripture

Jacob Hercamp, Saint Peter Lutheran Church, La Grange

“But the psalms do that…” Proof-texting innovations for worship

Matthew Moss, St John's Lutheran Church, Corcoran

Cyril of Alexandria's Interpretation of the Minor Prophet, which Depicts Jesus as the One Who Justifies

Brian Kachelmeier, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Los Alamos

Door-to-Door Evangelism: A Neglected Congregational Asset

Tim Koch, Zion Lutheran Church, Linn

Homiletic Transition: Origen of Alexandria as a Transitional Figure in Homiletics

Andrew Johnson, Christ Lutheran Church, Milford

Interpreting the Life of Christ with Irenaeus

Andrew Bloch, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

Jordan Peterson, Carl Jung and the Psychoanalytic Exegesis of Scripture

Jaim Gann, Grace Lutheran Church, Chester

Land of the Living Ones: Confessing the Resurrection of the Body and Life Everlasting with the Psalter

Mark Squire, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Saint Ansgar

’Messiah will be cut off’ in Dan. 9:26: Christ Crucified or Christ Removed?

Timothy Prince, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, East Troy

Plumbing the Depths: The Lost Art of Sacramental Typology

Richard Davenport, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Fort Smith

Reading the Song of Songs Christologically: A Defense of Allegory

Kyle Fittje, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Lockwood

Return to the Order of Creation: Thomas Müntzer's Radical Exegesis in his Sermon to the Princes

Roger Drinnon, Saint Pauls Lutheran Church, Bourbonnais

The Mountain and the Messiah: Patristic and Modern Interpretation of Micah 4 and 5

Jason Soenksen, Concordia University Wisconsin, Grafton

The Structure of the Gospel According to John as a Very Special Word of Exhortation (For You!)

Paul Landgraf, Pilgrim Lutheran Church, Chamois/Saint John Lutheran Church, Drake

The Word Seen (Habakkuk 3)

Matthew Johnson, St John's Lutheran Church, Corcoran

Toward a Robust Political Theology for the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

John Tape, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

Treasure Hidden in a Field: Sacramental Exegesis in Augustine of Hippo and John Chrysostom of Antioch

Benjamin Vanderhyde, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

What Have You to Do with Me? Lutheran Hermeneutics in Africa: A comparative study of Johann Gerhard and Elizabeth Mburu

Ryan McDermott, Our Savior Deaf Lutheran Church, Madison

What is a Biblical “interpretation,” anyway? An imaginary dialogue between Martin Luther and Paul Ricoeur

Thomas Pearson, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Edinburg