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Seminar Paper

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Master of Sacred Theology (STM)


Exegetical Theology

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Jeffrey Gibbs

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Matthew 26:47-56; Matthew 26:36-46; Matthew 26:57-68; Matthew 17:22; Matthew 20:18; Matthew 26:2; Matthew 26:25; Matthew 26:33-35; Matthew 1:1-4:17; Matthew 16:21-28:20; Matthew 1:23; Matthew 3:16-17; Matthew 11:27; Matthew 2:7; Matthew 3:13-17; Matthew 4:1-11; Matthew 12:1-8, 9-14; Matthew 9:35-10:42; Matthew 14:33; Matthew 16:16; Matthew tt: 16:21-21:11; Matthew 21:12-28:15; Matthew 27:64; Matthew 27:25;


This paper will examine Matthew 26: 47-56, the arrest of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Only the larger context of Matthew and what Matthew had available to him (i.e., the Old Testament) will be drawn upon to understand this pericope. This paper has been divided into the following parts: I)Translation and Notes, II) Limits, Structure, and Themes, and III) Genre and Literary Setting, IV) Concluding Thoughts.

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