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Seminar Paper

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Master of Sacred Theology (STM)


Systematic Theology

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Wayne Schmidt

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Acts 2:6-11;


The purpose of this paper is to examine and critique "contextualization", a particular theological method which has seen development in what are often considered areas of World Mission. The aspect of this theological development with which we are most concerned has to do with the role of the Word of God as it relates to the development of theology and theological education. This particular examination consists of three parts; an introduction to the history and development of the term" contextualization", Contextualization and African Theology, and Contextualization and Latin American Liberation Theology. The portion devoted to African Theology will take a close look at the work of a particular theologian, John S. Mbiti. Latin American Liberation Theology will be examined from a broader context of theologians due to the more prolific availability of authors and material in the area of Latin American Liberation Theology.

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