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Master of Sacred Theology (STM)


Exegetical Theology

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Matthew 1:1- 4:16; Matthew 4:17-16:20; Matthew 16:21-28:20; Matthew 1:22-23; Matthew 2:15; Matthew 2:17-18; Matthew 2:23; Matthew 4:14-16; Matthew 8:17; Matthew 12:17-21; Matthew 13:35; Matthew 21:4-5; Matthew 27:9-10; Isaiah 7:8; Isaiah 7:12; Isaiah 7:13-14; Isaiah 7:15-16; Isaiah 7:17-25


The primary purpose of this thesis is to begin to make a narrative critical examination of the use of explicit Old Testament formula citations in Matthew as they relate to the plot of the story. As an introductory study into the problem, a number of skills will be developed in this study. One prerequisite will be to explore and develop a better understanding of the narrative critical method. This means gaining the skills necessary in using this method to analyze the question above. Ancillary to this will be to gain an appreciation for the study of plot in general, and plot in Matthew in particular.

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