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In this episode of “Under the Fig Tree,” host Rev. Micah Glenn and fill-in host Kati Gaschler sit down with Deaconess Studies student Abby Reynolds, who shares her unique path to the Seminary. She offers details about how God nudged her from being a pre-medical student to a deaconess student. “I had to really switch my mindset from caring for people in the medical field to people in ministry,” Abby shares. “I think if I had known about a deaconess and the options in high school, I probably would have done that.” Abby also shares some advice for prospective students. She encourages them to pray and ask “God to reveal your motivations to go into church work.” In the recurring segment, “Ripe for the picking or leave it on the tree,” hear how Abby feels about pineapple on pizza, string cheese, the Shrek series, avocado toast and the song “Careless Whisper.

“Under the Fig Tree” is a video and audio podcast of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. New video and audio episodes are added weekly each Monday during the academic year. “Under the Fig Tree” can be found on YouTube, the Seminary’s Scholar site ( and most podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. Those interested in vocational ministry are invited to join the Seminary contact list at Request-Information.... You can learn more about Concordia Seminary at or by contacting the admissions team at [email protected] or 800-822-9545.


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