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In this episode of Under the Fig Tree, host Rev. Micah Glenn and fill-in host Kati Gaschler (while Dr. Benjamin Haupt is on sabbatical) chat with first-year Master of Divinity student Justin Hampton, who grew up as a missionary kid on a medical missionary ship off the coast of West Africa. He shares some of his experiences on the ship and how he later became a Lutheran after he and his wife, who is Korean, married and lived in Seoul for nine years. Now the couple and their two children are adjusting to Seminary life. “It’s a dream,” he says. “It’s great.” Justin also shares some advice for those considering coming to the Seminary. “Believe and trust that God ... He has plans for you,” he says. “He knows exactly the gifts that He has given you. … God knows what He’s doing. Just trust Him.” In the recurring segment, “Ripe for the picking or leave it on the tree,” hear how the trio feel about pineapple on pizza, building sandcastles, Settler of Catan, green tea matcha team and more!

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