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In this episode of Under the Fig Tree, hosts Rev. Micah Glenn and Dr. Ben Haupt chat with Lydia Grabau, a first-year residential Deaconess Studies student. Grabau, whose father is a pastor, is a second-career student. She studied theater and English as an undergraduate student and worked in Lutheran camps before feeling the tug to church work. It’s something she resisted for a “long time.” “I grew up in the church,” she says. “People would always say, ‘Do you want to be a teacher?’ That’s what people always say when you are a girl.” Her reply? “Are you kidding me? I live with a church worker,” she would say. “I don’t want that. That’s not me. I also don’t fit stereotypes of what people think of, especially a female church worker. [I’m a] pretty loud, rowdy person. Now, I think it’s a great reason to be in ministry because there are people who see themselves reflected [in people like me]. There’s a place for you in the church even if you are a loud and opinionated person.” Her advice for prospective students? “The Holy Spirit’s going to get you here,” she says. “You can Jonah it all you want. I sure tried, but if this is where you’re supposed to be, you’re going to end up here. In the long run, that will be a good thing. This journey was not direct or easy but now that I’m here, it’s right.” In the recurring segment, “Ripe for the picking or leave it on the tree,” hear how the trio feel about “Auld Lang Syne,” cold pizza, New Year’s number eyeglasses, Amazon’s deals of the day and more!

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