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Doctor of Theology (ThD)


Systematic Theology

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Arthur Piepkorn

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Matt. 12:38-42


The primary purpose of this dissertation, therefore, is to provide a general systematic exposition of the theology of Justus Menius. To accomplish that purpose, it will be necessary to provide an historical overview of his life and activities. Menius never published a systematic theology. His books and writings, like Luther's, were responses to specific theological and ecclesiastical problems. For Menius, these problems were occasioned primarily by the interaction between the theological movement which originated in the university and the life of the local congregations. In order to get at Menius' theology, therefore, it is necessary to have an acquaintance with the historical background out of which he wrote. For that reason, the second chapter of this dissertation will be historical in nature. It will provide a biographical sketch of Menius' life; and, wherever possible, a brief summary of his books. The two-volume biography of Justus Menius by Gustav Lebrecht Schmidt will provide the framework for this historical overview.

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