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Doctor of Theology (ThD)


Exegetical Theology

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Walter Roehrs

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Genesis 1:1; Deuteronomy 27:23; Judges 17:6; Judges 21:25; Judges 8:22; Judges 8:23; Judges 8:31; Judges 8: 1-2; 1 Samuel 9:1-10; 1 Samuel 11:1-15; 1 Samuel 8:1-22; 1 Samuel 10:17-27; 1 Samuel 12:1-25; Exodus 19:6; 2 Samuel 2:8ff; 2 Samuel 4:5ff; 2 Samuel 16:18; 1 Samuel 10:1; 1 Samuel 15:1,17; Hosea 13:10; 2 Samuel 5:2;


The aim of this dissertation is, however, to establish the peculiar function of the Kingship of Yahweh as found in His Universal Saviorship.

In order to understand the Kingship of Yahweh, we shall first examine kingship in the Near East, particularly in Egypt and Mesopotamia. This study is made possible by the discovery, deciphering, and publication of Near Eastern texts. As the reader will notice, the cited data in the Second Chapter are mainly from Ancient~ Eastern Texts Relating to Old Testament, edited by James B. Pritchard.

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