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Doctor of Theology (ThD)


Systematic Theology

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Won Yong Ji

Scripture References in this Resource (separated by semi-colons)

Matthew 28:20; Acts 1:8; Exodus 20:22-23:19; Galatians 4:1-7; John 20:21-23; John 3:16; Luke 4:17-21; Mark 3:31-35; Matthew 28:19; Romans 1:5;


It is imperative for the church of Christ Jesus to teach and preach all the contents of the gospel systematically and biblically (Matt. 28:20). Therefore, if the churches emptied of the material contents of the gospel, it cannot stand at all.

This thesis attempts to show how seriously minjung theology deviates from the true teachings of the Scriptures. And, at the same time, this thesis contrasts the teachings of minjung theology with the Scriptural meanings of the gospel, with the goal that we should be sure of the fact that the kingdom of God can be planted only by the powerful preaching of the gospel.

This thesis also attempts to verify whether minjung theology is really even a Korean theology or not. Minjung theologians insist on using the Korean term "minjung" in order to identify minjung theology as a Korean theology. They make reference to such as the economico-political situation of recent Korea, the Donghak Revolt, ”han,"Korean folktales, and the mask dance. The question becomes, "Do these references really identify minjung theology as Korean theology?"

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