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Doctor of Theology (ThD)


Systematic Theology

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Won Yong Ji


There are, without question, theological and non-theological differences between the Moderates and Conservatives which are not directly related to the former's use of historical criticism. The role politics has played in the controversy cannot be denied. The differences regarding the practice of unionism, ecumenism, close communion, church polity, and even Synodical policies toward foreign missions have been controverted issues. But the focus of this study will be confined to verifying whether the use of historical criticism is indeed the dividing wall, between Moderates and Conservatives. This research shall furthermore probe if the Moderates' hermeneutical presupposition -- the Law-Gospel reductionism restrains them from taking the logical and radical conclusions of the historical-criticial methodology and whether such a governing exegetical principle indeed create a mediating theological position.

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