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Doctor of Theology (ThD)


Exegetical Theology

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Ralph Klein

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The problem to which this dissertation shall be addressed is the lack of a methodologically consistent investigation of Zechariah's possible indebtedness to and adaptation of Israel's heritages the failure of most scholars to analyze correctly the structure of Zechariah 7-8 (and to relate chapters l through 6 to them); and the absence of a careful delineation of the purpose for which Zechariah integrated tradition and structure in proclaiming his message to post-exilic Judah. Many scholars have paid no heed whatsoever to material from Israel's heritage which may be in Zechariah 7-8. Those who have made such studies have had either faulty presuppositions or only a few references which are not pursued systematically. Almost no one has studied the structure of chapters 7 and 8 in detail. And no one has investigated both tradition and structure and related that investigation to the earlier prophecy of chapters l to 6 in setting forth the basic proclamation of chapters 7 and 8. It is this new treatment of Zechariah 7-8 which we intend to present in this dissertation. It should be added that the labors expended here are more than those of a historian or a scientist. They are set forward in service of interpreting the prophetic word through which God addressed Zechariah's original audience as well as later generations.

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