Robert Bergt

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Master of Theology (Th.M)

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Walter Buszin

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Psalm 119; Psalm 165


The present thesis directs special attention to the last point. The musical settings of The Lutheran Hymnal are borrowed from Anglican and Gregorian traditions. This is not to say that Anglican and Gregorian chant per se are bad and unusable. Those responsible for putting the texts, tunes and accompaniments together did something adequate a generation ago. The present author believes that we have outgrown these and need to offer what will set off a new spark, a new life and love for Matins and Vespers. New musical settings may assist the renaissance.

After a brief historical background is given to the development of Matins and Vespers in the primitive church, a sketch shall be made or the use or Matins and Vespers in the Lutheran Church. Underscored emphasis will be given to the development or the services in English in America, for it is here that we must necessarily be interested and observe attitudes. A humble critique will be offered only in search for that which will assist us in our worship of God, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The musical tunes and harmonizations given may be considered of more value as an exercise to the writer than an attempt at making~ contribution to the church.

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