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Master of Sacred Theology (STM)


Exegetical Theology

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Paul Raabe

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1 Peter 3:15; Isaiah 24: 1-23; Isaiah 25:6-8; Isaiah 25:6-8; Isaiah 17:6; Isaiah 13:5; 9-13; Isaiah 14:26; Isaiah 17:12-14; Isaiah 23:9; Isaiah 27:1-13; Isaiah 55:1; Isaiah 2:11-12; Isaiah 1:2; Jeremiah 13:15; Isaiah 25:9-11; Isaiah 25:1-5


This thesis is an exercise in detecting these underlying hermeneutical principles in the secondary literature as they have been applied to Isaiah 24-27, in relation to the three areas of investigation mentioned above: literary coherence (unity), date, and genre. Of primary interest are works produced since Anderson's watershed essay; however, since itis presupposed that the more recent researchers have relied considerably on an earlier scholarly tradition, it will be necessary to trace present principles to previous principals, especially of Isaiah studies, Bernhard Duhm, and of form criticism, Hermann Gunkel.

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