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Master of Sacred Theology (STM)


Historical Theology

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Wayne Schmidt

Scripture References in this Resource

Matthew 18: 15-20


The goal of this thesis is to examine historically the life and work of Paul Manz within the context of American Lutheranism in the twentieth century. Special attention will be given to Manz's emergence from a childhood within the structures and piety of the German Lutheran community in industrial America. The impact made on his professional development by the broadening influences of education, music and European study will be assessed. This study will especially seek to understand apparent changes in Manz's ecclesiastical vision, the effects of denominational conflict, and the growing spirit of ecumenism which Manz has demonstrated over the years. Dr. Manz's professional roles within the scope of Lutheranism in America, as well as many aspects of his personal life, will be examined. Transitions in Manzs ecclesiastical affiliations will also be traced to determine to what extent they reflect transitions in his personal theological convictions.

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