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Historical Theology

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Daniel 2:33, 40; Romans 1:17; Matthew 22:17-21; Luke 2:1; Luke 3:1; Luke 23:2; John 19:15; Acts 11:28; Acts 25:10; Philippians 2:22; Acts 25:6; Matthew 20:8; Luke 3:1; Luke 20:20; Acts 23:24; Acts 13:7; Acts 18:12, 19, 38


Especially the theologian will find a careful study of these centuries of great value. It is the 'beginning of Christianity in its contact and conflict with Heathenism that one must unmistakably sees the secret of its power. It is then that one fully realizes that it is not only the sould, but also--thank God-the perfect remedy for a sin sick world. It is during these centuries that one cu plainly recognize God in history, that one is convinced secular history is but the background of church history and the entire world but the scaffold employed 'by God almighty to build His Holy Christian Church. Considerations of this nature have decided us to make a close study of conditions, primarily the religious conditions of the year .A..D. 64 of Italy and Greece, those two countries which not only swayed the political and. intellectual destinies of the world for many centuries, but also effected nascent Christianity, though not in content, yet in history and development.

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