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Master of Sacred Theology (STM)


Historical Theology

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David Daniel


In order to demonstrate the degree of impact that the attitudes of Lutherans toward their confessional writings had on the church of the nineteenth century, three distinct aspects of the scholarly writings will be examined. First, the attitude toward the subscription and application of the Confessions within the church will be examined. This will include both private writings and official church declarations. Secondly, the histories of the Confessions written by Lutherans necessarily focused on specific aspects to the exclusion of other elements. In that selectivity and interpretation is conveyed a particular attitude and value. Finally, the emphases and the ways in which the theology of the Confessions was explicated provide further insight into the dominant attitudes toward the Confessions and the doctrinal controversies of the day. By examining these three aspects, it is hoped that the dominant attitudes with which Lutherans approached the Confessions may be brought to the fore.

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