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Systematic Theology

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Genesis 4:1–16; Genesis 4:23–24; Genesis 6:11-13; Genesis 4:17–4:26; Genesis 5:29; Genesis 8:19; Genesis 3:15; Job 26:4; Judges 8:7; Genesis 40:8; Exodus 22:8; 1 Samuel 22:10, 13, 15; Genesis 25:24; 1 Kings 17:7; Jeremiah 13:6; Leviticus 25:9; 1 Samuel 1:21; Genesis 45:5; Genesis 3:16–17; Jonah 4:8–9; Psalm 23:2; Isaiah 65:10; Jeremiah 50:6; Ezekiel 34:14, 15; Zephaniah 2:7; Zephaniah 3:13; Genesis 22:7; Exodus 19:25; 2 Samuel 21:2; Genesis 3:22–23


This thesis will examine whether King personally followed that challenge in his thought as well as deed and it will do so by centering the analysis on his understanding of the Christian faith's cornerstone-Jesus Christ. The study will commence by sketching the ecclesiastical and geographical background from which King emerged. Next will be a survey of the major intellectual influences upon his theological positions and personal faith. Only after this extensive but essential prologue will the thesis address itself directly to its chief task of analyzing his Christology with sections on the theistic nature of God, the incarnation of God in Christ, Christ as Savior, and the Resurrection. The succeeding chapter is in essence a continutaion of the preceding main one on Christology as it deals with the significance of Christ for King’s work. Normally this subject might be considered extraneous in a doctrinal study but in this case it is integral to the assessment of a theology more noted for its consequences than for its content per se. The chapter prior to the conclusion compares King and Mohandas Gandhi, the two most famous exponents of non-violence in the twentieth century, searching to answer the question whether Christ or Gandhi was the rea1 determiner or King's social action.

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