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It is the intention of this paper to be part of the process of reevaluation and rearticulation. Chapter II will provide a brief history of campus ministry in the LCMS in order to place in perspective and offer a setting within which to consider the development of the objectives and philosophy of campus ministry in the LCMS. Chapter III will then detail that development. It is to be noted that all information relating specifically to campus ministry in the LCMS is limited to the information contained in official documents of the LCMS such as the minutes from the annual University Pastor's Conference, the annual reports of the Student Welfare Committee (the designated committee 0£ the LCMS, from 1923-1968, to administer college and university work), pertinent reports and resolutions from the conventions of the LCMS, articles, and reports in the Lutheran Witness (official publication of the LCMS). Only through a perspective and understanding of the past can one adequately and properly address oneself to the present.

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