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Master of Sacred Theology (STM)


Exegetical Theology

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Robert Smith

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Daniel 11:31; Daniel 8:13; Daniel 9:27; Daniel 12:11; Daniel 12:1-3; Psalm 69:28-29; Exodus 32:32-33; Isaiah 4:2-6; Malachi 3:16-18; Daniel 2:44; Daniel 7:9,11,12; Daniel 7:14; Isaiah 52:13-53:12; Isaiah 26:19; Daniel 12:2-3; Psalm 13:4; Jeremiah 51:39; Job 3:13; Daniel 11:33; Isaiah 66:24; Isaiah 65:4; Isaiah 66:3,17; Isaiah 56:6; Isaiah 65:8, 9, 13, 15, 22; Isaiah 66:14; Isaiah 56:2, 4; Isaiah 58:2; Isaiah 65:11; Isaiah 57:3-10; Isaiah 65:3; Isaiah 58:13


This thesis is to undertake a study of the resurrection faith of the Maccabean martyrs. In so doing, it will study two particu1ar works, the canonical book of Daniel and the apocryphal book of Second Maccabees.

By "resurrection" is meant that act of God by which He calls forth the bodies of the dead and restores them to life again. This term implies something different from what is usually understood by such concepts as the immortality of the soul, translation and assumption.

The thesis will consider the nature of the faith embraced by these martyrs with regard to the following; the nature of that which was to be called to life again in the resurrection, the scope of the resurrection envisaged, the intermediate state between death and resurrection, and the function which resurrection served in the life situation of the individuals concerned. It will investigate those. historical factors which were associated with the profession of a faith in a resurrection, and will try to assess the influence which these historical factors exerted upon the formu1ation of a belief in resurrection.

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