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Master of Sacred Theology (STM)


Exegetical Theology

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Jeffrey Kloha

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Mark 1:1-6:29; Mark 1:21; Mark 11:1-16:8; Mark 14:1; Mark 14:43; Mark 15:16; Mark 3:7; Mark 6:30-8:21; Mark 6:6b; Mark 8:22-10:52


The search for a distinctive and coherent structure to the Gospel of Mark has long been a challenge for scholarship. While denying redaction and narrative criticism's slavish adherence to their methodology, this thesis utilizes repetition and characterization to assess the matter of Markan structure. Key points of repetition addressed within the text are repetition of words and phrases, forms, and thematic items. The discussion of words and phrases highlight: θάλασσα, πάλιν, εἰς π̍εραν, ἐν τ̂ηὁσ̂ω, and Jewish leaders. The forms addressed are call narratives, exorcisms, and passion predictions. The thesis presents six key repeated thematic elements: geopolitical locations, the senses of hearing and seeing, the motif of following, the recruitment of the Twelve, the feeding/boat sequences, and the temple and its destruction. With respect to characterization, the thesis addresses three main characters of the Gospel of Mark: the Jewish leaders, the disciples, and the unclean. With these tools, the thesis outlines a four-section structure: 1:1-6:29; 6:30-8:21; 8:22-10:52; 11:1-16:8.

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