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Master of Sacred Theology (STM)


Historical Theology

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Alfred von Rohr Sauer

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Judges 3 :7-11; Judges 3 :12-30; Judges 3:31; Judges 10:6-12:7; Judges 2:11-3:6; Judges 1:11-15; Joshua 15:15-19; Jeremiah 50:21; 2 Kings 16:6; Genesis 36:34-35; Genesis 10:8; Deuteronomy 34:3; 2 Chronicles 28:15; Judges 1:16; Joshua 13:15-28; Numbers 32:34; Numbers 22:1; Numbers 25:1-5; Judges 3:31; Judges 5:6; Joshua 19:38; 2 Samuel 23:11ff


The research which resulted in this thesis was done for the purpose of determining the place which united military undertakings had in the Israelite tribal league prior to the establishment of the monarchy. The Old Testament describes a number of wars which took place during the era known as "the period of the judges." Although the victories won in these battles were usually ascribed to "Israel" in general, there are indications in some cases that the actual participants in the battles were limited to a small number of the Israelite tribes. This study seeks to discover the tribal participation in each of the wars; in this way a general conclusion regarding the importance of united military action in the league of tribes can be reached.

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