Robert McAmis

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Master of Sacred Theology (STM)


Systematic Theology

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Lewis Spitz


Our Lutheran Church was late in beginning work in the Philippines. We do not have much time as American missionaries to work in this field. We have a real challenge before us in building an indigenous Lutheran Church in a short time. This paper is concerned with the doctrinal aapect of the indigenous church. · If a strong, evangelical Lutheran Church is to take root and grow in the Philippines, it must be built upon the right foundation. This must be done in the training of students for the ministry who can better translate these theological concepts to their own people than the American missionary can ever hope to do. It is the conviction of the author that this can be done through the use of the Lutheran Confession in the teaching of the courses in Dogmatics. Some may argue that this must be done only on the basis of Scripture, but if a truly confessional theology is taught it will, at the same time, be a truly biblical theology.

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