John Lemkul

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Master of Theology (Th.M)


Practical Theology

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Walter Buszin


The present thesis primarily is an historical research into the origin and development of. the sequence and the trope. From the Table or Contents it may appear that the order of the chapters is a little unusual, for one usually expects an historical account to be presented in chronological order. But because of what we know and what we do not know about the sequence and trope, the outline of the paper begins with the known and proceeds to the unknown. That is why both the sections on the sequence and the trope begin at the Abbey of St. Gall at the time of Charlemagne, and why the section about the origin of' these forms is toward the end of the thesis. However, in the chapter about the origin of the forms one can do no more than present some of the suggested theories, for there is little agreement and it seems that the problem is destined to remain undecided.

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