Some Implications of Selected Studies of Psychosomatic Medicine for the Pastoral Ministry

Bruce Hartung, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

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This thesis will concentrate on selected aspects of the work of the field of psychosomatic medicine. Chapters II through IV will attempt to clarify the general and accepted usage of the term "psychosomatic" and some of the theoretical formulations of what "psychosomatic" really means. The fifth chapter will specialize in the area of research done on the psychosomatic aspects of cancer. Most of the research material is found in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, although it is not confined to that journal exclusively. The sixth chapter will deal briefly with the nature of the healing ministry of Jesus and His concern for the whole man. This chapter will provide the biblical basis for a ministry of the church and its pastors which is helpful in affairs of this world. The seventh chapter will explore ways in which the pastor can utilize some of the tentative conclusions reached by an examination of the research. Also included in this chapter is a discussion of the goals and philosophy of pastoral care itself. Basic to a concept of pastoral care is the research o f Dr. Carroll A. Wise, a pioneer in the field of pastoral counseling in America. Doctor Wise has also read and made helpful suggestions for the first five chapters of this thesis.