Pyeng Seh Oh

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Master of Theology (Th.M)


Exegetical Theology

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Alfred Rohr

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Genesis 2:7; Jeremiah 18:1-4; Genesis 3:19; Genesis 18:27; Genesis 6:12; Genesis 2:21; Genesis 41:2-19; Genesis 17:11; 14; 23; 24; 25; Genesis 2:23-24; Genesis 29:14; Genesis 37:27; Genesis 6:3; Genesis 6:13; 17; 19; Genesis 7:21; Genesis 9:11; 15; 16; 17; Genesis 7:15-16; Genesis 8:17; Genesis 47:18; Nehemiah 9:37; Ezekiel 1:11; Daniel 10:6; Genesis 2:23; Genesis 7:13; Genesis 50:25; Genesis 15:4; Genesis 25:23; Genesis 7:22; Job 37:10; 1 Kings 17:17; 2 Samuel 22:16; Genesis 6:17; Genesis 1:2; Genesis 41:38; Genesis 3:8; Genesis 8:1; Genesis 26:35; Genesis 41:8; Genesis 45:27


It is, therefore, the fundamental teaching about man. in the Pre-Mosaic revelation that is dealt with in this thesis. This study will treat both individual man and a group of Men, viz., a society. It is plain from the previous explanation that this study is not limited by the traditional dogmatic division of Christian anthropology. It is a synthetic or systematic exegesis instead of the familiar consecutive exegesis, chapter by chapter, as presented in commentaries. This material will be collected under five cardinal themes on the doctrine of man in Genesis, with each theme displaying disparities and sim1larities or opinion in various passages of Genesis. These themes will be assessed as a whole, and related to one another.

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