Carl Volz

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Historical Theology


It is the author’s hope that this study will not only serve to remind the reader that Arianism is latent in the Church at all times, but will also serve to emphasize the Pauline and Athanasian stress of Christus in nobis. Although the Western Church has grown with the Pauline doctrine of forensic salvation, particularly since the time of Luther, the Athanasian conceptions of the Incarnation are just as purely Pauline, Christ becoming man in order to draw men to God. The fact that a justification fidei is foreign to his way of thinking ought in no way detract from Athanaisius’• pre-eminence. "The one-sidedness or any given age in approaching the work of Christ is to be recognized by us not in a censorious spirit of self-complacency, but with· reverent sympathy."

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