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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Systematic Theology

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John 1:33; John 3:8; John 6:53-56; John 14-17; John 20:22-23


Contemporary theological scholarship has seen a turn toward pneumatology and the use of a pneumatological lens for exploring and [re]considering Christian doctrines. Spirit Christology has long been considered the first major, successful work in this movement of scholarship which has come to be called Third Article Theology.

This study proposes to consider the Lord’s Supper pneumatologically through use of a Trinitarian Spirit Christology. Three primary aspects of a traditional account of the Lord’s Supper will be the subject of pneumatological reimagining. Spirit Christology will inquire into the Spirit’s presence and activity in the presence and activity of Jesus through his Words (the Verba), his presence (Real Presence), and the benefits of His sacrament in the participant.

In this way, this dissertation attempts to contribute to the field of pneumatology and sacramentology, broadly speaking to the Christian church at large and narrowly speaking to Lutheran theology, through a pneumatic reading of the soteriological, Christological and ethical aspects of a theology of the Lord’s Supper informed by a Spirit Christology.

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