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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Exegetical Theology

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David Adams

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Daniel 7; Daniel 9; 2 Thessalonians 2; Isaiah 28:15-18; Psalm 2; Psalm 110:1-2


Prince, Timothy A. “Typological Reading of the Apocalyptic Vision of Daniel 7 & 9.” Ph.D. diss., Concordia Seminary, 2024. 311 pp.

As a response to Daniel’s prayer for the restoration of God’s city and sanctuary, “The Seventy Sevens” oracle of Dan 9:24–27 gives further details of the overarching apocalyptic vision of ch. 7. After establishing how the canonical apocalyptic visions of Daniel and Revelation constitute a unique genre that gives a teleological-eschatological-apocalyptic perspective, this study demonstrates how a typological reading of the text best perceives the revelation and interprets the message presented in Daniel’s apocalyptic vision. The vision and oracle together depict God’s eschatological agents of judgment and salvation. The one like a son of man, the Messiah Prince, is given all authority, power, and the eternal kingdom. The “Seventy Sevens” oracle, as the only Old Testament passage to depict two comings of the Messiah, puts greatest emphasis on the time between his comings for the building of God’s eternal kingdom-city. After God’s eternal kingdom-city is built up and expanded throughout the world, God initiates desolations of judgment, first by withdrawing the reign of the Messiah, and then by allowing a “prince to come”—the eschatological enemy, the “little horn” of ch. 7 and “desolator” of ch. 9—to cause further desolations, even giving the saints of the Most High into the enemy’s hand for “times, time, and half a time.” After the necessary desolations God will bring final judgment on the desolator himself and fulfill his eschatological goals to consummate the restoration of his creation.

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