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This chancel drama represents meditation on Isaiah 9:6, particularly the phrase: “and the government will be upon his shoulder.” Rome, the most powerful government in the Rome, exercised a monopoly on the use of force through crucifixion. The cross struck terror in the hearts of the people. Our Savior carried a cross and was nailed to it.

Various medical experts have provided graphic accounts of the physiological effects of crucifixion and pain endured by our Savior. It should also be noted that our Savior endured scourging prior to crucifixion. One of the scourging instruments was a whip with leather tails. To each leather tail was attached a bone to tear open the flesh.

This chancel drama assists those gathered in reflecting on our brokenness, the brokenness of this world and how God the Father sent His Son to enter this brokenness to suffer the most humiliating and excruciating deaths for mankind. Rome, the most powerful government in the world, exercised the power of taxation, vanquished the world with its military might and subdued the population through the threat of crucifixion.

As this chancel drama unfolds, from the time he was conceived by the Holy Spirit, the most powerful government in the world was on the shoulder of Jesus. Jesus did not come into this world to overthrow earthly governments. Recall how Jesus said his kingdom was not of this world. As you participate in this chancel drama, meditate on what Christ’s death and resurrection mean for you. We live in highly charged political times. One cannot escape politics and government. Yet, all government rests on Christ’s shoulder for he is King of all. That means, he is your King, your Savior, your Lord.


government, cross, crucifixion, death, faith


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And the government will be upon his shoulder