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Master of Divinity (M.Div)


Practical Theology

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Charles Knippel

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The topic which I have chosen for my research elective is "grief.” The name which I have chosen for my study is "Effective Pastoral Care for the Bereaved." Since the grieving process is something which everyone goes through at one time of their life or another, I felt that doing a study of bereavement after the loss of a loved one would be a very appropriate subject. The pastor must know how to give effective pastoral care for the bereaved person, so it is essential that he know about grief with its various causes and stages. The pastor must also be familiar with the conditions and traits of abnormal grief, because there is also likely to be someone in his congregation who will experience this at one time or another. Then, the pastor must know how to effectively care for these bereaved members of his flock so that they may once again lead normal lives. My paper will specifically deal with all of these things, along with detailing various portions of Scripture which speak of grief and how to effectively deal with it.

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