Augustine & Barth's Views of Evil: Theodicy in Postmodern Context

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Master of Theology (Th.M)


Systematic Theology


In this thesis, I attempt to show the need for an understanding of past views of theodicy, while also paving the way, via postmodern thought, for rereading theodicy and rewriting such views for today's context. In chapter one, I examine Augustine's changing views of evil in light of his ever changing apologetical needs. In chapter two, I begin to look at Barth's view of evil as seen through his discussion of "the nothingness." In chapter three, having previously looked at the two theologians' views of evil on their own terms, I will compare and contrast the dynamics of their views and end the chapter with some of the critiques they have received in more recent years. In chapter four, I explore the paradigm shift that has taken place in the postmodern context and what this means for today.


If you are not a patron of the Concordia Seminary Library this dissertation is available from the "Theological Research Exchange Network" at http://tren.com/.