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Master of Arts (MA)


Systematic Theology

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Robert Kolb

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Roman 4: 16; Genesis 1:1,26,31


Therefore, it is essential to recognize that God, the author of the earth and heavens, has placed people in cultures with a variety of lifestyles and values. Even though circumstances may differ, our Christian identity remains unchanged because of faith in Christ. It is also crucial to appreciate culture as God's gift to human beings. At the same time, however, Christians need to recognize the idolatrous attitudes in their lives. Christians uniquely possess the character of living within and beyond cultures. This prompts us to consider what it means to live as a Christian while also belonging to a particular culture. The "two realms" theology of Luther assists thinking in missiological terms as it serves as a framework to demonstrate the purpose of Christians living with God and with neighbors, both believers and non-believers. The aim of this thesis is to examine the life of the Japanese, especially to study how Christian belief leads them as followers of Christ to contribute in their lives as both Christians and Japanese nationals.

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