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church, jews, jewish missions, christian, missouri synod, lcms, theology, missionary

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Mission is the theological account of the relationship between the church and the world. Where are the Jews in this relationship? If the church and the Jews had a relationship status on Facebook, then it might say, “It’s complicated.” This may be true of any kind of missions, but this shows itself to be especially true in Lutheran history and in particular LCMS-history. I look at the histories as recorded by Meyer, Lieske, Cohen, Parviz, and others on the early history of Jewish Missions in the LCMS, and I reflect on the context and theology behind them using missiologists like Bosch, Newbigin, Bediako, Walther, and others. I consider how the LCMS formulates or operates with the relationship between the church and the world with respect to the Jewish people. In this snapshot, we see the Missouri Synod operating in the midst of paradigm-shifts in mission as it deals with medieval, Protestant, and early modern paradigms all coming to a head as they reach out to Jews with the gospel of Christ, who came for Jews and Greeks as well as Germans and English alike.


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion

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Romans 11:25–26; Luke 14:23;

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