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I once heard a story about a new pastor in the early 1990s who was settling into his first call in Pembroke, Ontario. A man walked into his study and silently began perusing the shelves. The pastor noticed him, but carried on with his business. The stranger spent several minutes pulling books off the shelves, flipping pages, nodding and murmuring, and setting some books apart by laying them on their spines. Occasionally he’d hold up a book with a quizzical look on his face. “Required for class,” the pastor shrugged, and the man would scoff and shove it back on the shelf. Finally, the stranger came to a shelf with a few copies of the recently founded journal First Things. “You’re a subscriber?” he asked. The pastor nodded. The man smiled, walked over to the desk, stuck out his hand, and finally introduced himself. “I’m Richard Neuhaus. I’ve come to invite you and your wife to lunch next Sunday, but now that I see what you read, we’re going to have a nice lunch.” And he walked out the door.


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion

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Ecclesiastes 1:9; Exodus 13:8; Exodus 13:9;

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Martin Luther,