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For this year’s issue of Grapho we are focusing on the theme, “The Light from Generation to Generation.” Obviously, this echoes the motto of our seminary, “Ἄνωθεν τὸ φῶς” or “The light from above.” But the student publications committee also felt that this theme captures well what we do here at this seminary: prepare men and women to teach present and future generations about the light, the Lord Jesus. In exegetical classes we learn how the writers of the Scriptures pointed their original hearers to this light. In historical classes we learn how Christians in the past taught and thought about the light. In systematics courses we learn how to speak this message about the light of the world for the world of today. In practical course we get into the nitty gritty of preaching and teaching and leading others to point them to this same light. As students at this institution, we are acutely aware that we owe a great debt to the pastors and other faithful Christians who have taught us the faith and we hope to pass on this very same faith to others in our future service to the church. We would like this issue to explore this central task more.


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Genesis 2:17; Genesis 2:18; Genesis 4:14-21; Ephesians 5:21–6:9;

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Martin Luther, Detrich Bonhoeffer,