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culture, inter-cultural, cross-cultural, multiculturalism, multi-cultural, catholicity, grapho, assimilation, syncretism, secularization

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The culture is changing. Such a statement is as obvious and non-controversial as they come. No matter what side one fights for in the innumerable culture wars being simultaneously waged in our country and world, all can agree on one thing: the morals, rituals, beliefs, and behaviors of wide swaths of people are changing. New morals are crashing into old ones. Old beliefs are being revitalized, and behaviors once thought unimaginable or relegated to distant lands are being championed at home. Infinitely more controversial than the presence of cultural change is what exactly culture is. For the sake of simplicity and being generic enough to include most definitions, let this simple definition of culture suffice: “the shared life of the community.” Whatever culture does finally end up including and whatever form it takes, there is no doubt: it is changing.


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