Training Pastors as Steward Leaders

Wayne Knolhoff, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis


Knolhoff, Wayne J. “Training Pastors as Steward Leaders.” D. Min. MAP, Concordia Seminary—St. Louis, 2017. 187 pp.

The major purpose of this project is to design training for pastors that will equip them to lead ongoing, intentional, systematic, whole life Biblical stewardship education in their congregations. Attention will be given to the biblical metaphor of steward as an appropriate image for pastors as they lead stewardship ministry. In addition, pastors will be encouraged to adopt the model of “steward leadership” as they function in every area of pastoral ministry.

The central component of the research for this project is a stewardship assessment tool that was conducted using Survey Monkey. This online survey was sent to pastors in the Michigan, Missouri, and New England districts of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. The survey was designed to identify areas of stewardship ministry where pastors felt the need for additional encouragement, instruction, and resources.

The training presented here seeks to connect pastors to their identity as steward in such a way that they relish their role as steward leader and joyfully lead their members to a fuller understanding of all that Christian stewardship means.