Advancing the Cause of the Gospel Pastoral Blogging by Luther’s Heirs

Robert Stroud, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis


Stroud, Robert C. “Advancing the Cause of the Gospel: Pastoral Blogging by Luther’s Heirs.” D.Min. diss., Concordia Seminary—St. Louis, [2016]. [353] pp.

The purpose of this study was to explore whether provision of a digital Handbook for Pastoral Blogging would be of value to pastors who had never before blogged. A draft Handbook was provided to thirteen LCMS clergy from across the United States who were serving in parish ministries. They proceeded to begin blogs and maintain them over a period of three months.

Data was collected from the participants at three points. The first was an online survey prior to receiving the Handbook. A second survey was completed after the conclusion of the three-month exercise. All thirteen subjects volunteered to also take part in a final one-on-one interview which was conducted via internet or telephonic media.

The data supported the hypothesis that some pastors would find this type of resource helpful. As a result of their comments and suggestions, the Handbook was expanded to include additional information. In addition, a website has been prepared to provide supplemental support to blogging LCMS pastors, as well as other rostered workers in the Synod. This website had not been envisaged in the initial plan for the Major Applied Project. Both the expanded Handbook and the website will be offered for use by all rostered members of the LCMS upon final approval of this research project.