An Evaluation of China's Three Self Patriotic Movement in the Reform Era: Affinities and Differences with its Counterpart Under Mao

Kwuang-Fo Kurt Teng, Biblical Theological Seminary


This dissertation provides empirical data of China‘s Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) in the reform era and displays a current picture of China‘s Three-Self Church, its workers‘ backgrounds, seminaries‘ conditions, ministries‘ strengths and needs, and relationships with the lianghui and with the house churches. Despite its continued function as an ―administered mass organization‖ (AMO) over China‘s Protestantism, the current TSPM is predominately a genuine Christian movement distinct from its Mao-era counterpart. The implications for further support of the TSC ministries, mending of its relationship with the House Church, and its interaction with the state are discussed. Further research questions are recommended.