Equipping Christians with Effective Evangelism Strategies for Arab Shi'a Muslims in North America

Elie B. Hasbani, Trinity International University


The name of this project is "Equipping Christians with Effective Evangelism Strategies for Arab Shi'a Muslims in North America." The overall purpose of this project is to motivate Christians and create effective strategies for sharing Christ crucified with Arab Shi'a Muslims. My hope is that this project can be used as a curriculum to train Christians to evangelize effectively the Arab Shi'a and to follow up with them.

Most Christians do not realize the rate at which the Muslim population is growing in the world and their motive to win people to Islam. Today, millions of Muslims are here in North America in the Christian field, living in our neighborhoods, near our churches, in our colleges, and in our work places. The hesitancy and lack of knowledge of Christians to evangelize the Arab Shi'a Muslim population prompted me to address these questions in the project: How can Christians become equipped to evangelize Muslims? What are the restrictions that prevent Christians from evangelizing the Arab Shi'a Muslims? Who are the Arab Shi'a Muslims and how do they differ from other Muslim sects? How can we present Christ crucified as the core of the Christian faith? And what are the methods to be used?

I found that evangelism for Christians isn't limited to a specific time, nor is it restricted to one or two approaches. In short, evangelism is practiced as a way of life and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It's not surprising, then, that restrictions, a misunderstanding of Islam, and cross-cultural barriers come down and that Arab Shi'a Muslims hear the good news of the Gospel: "Christ was crucified for their sins." Jesus said, "I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd" (John 10: 11-16). Praise Him for using Christians for His glorious purpose.