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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


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David Peter

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Kuhlman, Nathan, A. “Developing a Mentor-Method of Evangelism at Redeemer Lutheran Church, Rolla, Missouri.” D.Min. MAP, Concordia Seminary, 2018. 196pp.

Past models of evangelism are not as effective as they once were. To meet a changing, post-Christian culture, a model of evangelism that better speaks in today’s context is necessary. To address this need, this project was born. The purpose of this project was to develop and launch a mentor-method approach to evangelism at Redeemer Lutheran Church, Rolla, Missouri. This was accomplished through the launch of a pilot group of 12 test subjects from Redeemer who worked through a 10-week evangelism curriculum called Mentorship Training. The intensive training encompassed a theological and biblical framework, practical tools, personal accountability, and encouragement necessary for participants to grow stronger in perceived knowledge and willingness for engaging others in evangelism. For the research portion, before and after-training perceptions of test subjects were gained through the use of two mixed-method surveys and exit interviews as a way to gain data indicating whether the project accomplished its intended goal: perception of growth in knowledge and willingness toward evangelism. Project data indicates such growth occurred. This research, along with an exploration of the present cultural landscape, exegetical study, and literature review, informed a set of recommendations for future evangelism at Redeemer Lutheran Church, Rolla, Missouri.

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