In Honor of the Unknown God-Preaching the Character of God in a Post-Christian World

Scott Ardavanis, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


This Doctor of Ministry project was designed to edify believers in their knowledge and understanding of the character of God at Placerita Baptist Church in Newhall, California. This preaching series consisted of twelve sermons preached from February to May in 2009.

The project began with a statement of need for a God-exalting series on the attributes of God. Chapter 2 establishes the theological and biblical basis for the preaching series. My purpose in this project was not to expound every attribute of God revealed in Holy Scripture, but focus on several key attributes, which are essentially controversial in nature. I targeted four key attributes to address. God's wrath and the difficult doctrine of Hell, His sovereignty over all things, His knowledge of all things and the question regarding God's immutability. In chapter 3, I attempted to accomplish five goals in this preaching series with objectives set alongside each of the stated goals. My method of evaluation in the sermon series was a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods. Chapter 4 concludes with an evaluation gleaned from both congregation and focus group before, during, and at the conclusion of the twelve week preaching series. The feedback received from these groups proved invaluable in my understanding as a shepherd and pastor.

The findings of this major project were very encouraging. The congregation grew in their understanding of God's character revealed in Scripture. I was pleased by the ongoing transformation that took place in the focus group as they interacted weekly with the presentation of God's attributes.