Deaf Pah is a program of study for Deaf church servant-leaders. The goal of Deaf Pah is to help students

  • • grow in their knowledge of God's Word, the Bible,
  • • understand Christian doctrine, and
  • • become effective Bible teachers, church officers, and caring Christian friends.
  • All Deaf Pah courses use online videos and study guides. Some courses also use a book which you should buy.

    We designed Deaf Pah for church members and their pastors to work together, as pastors mentor their students with their own insight and experience, and give students opportunities to apply what they learn in their church's ministries. While it is possible to study some of the Deaf Pah courses on your own, we strongly encourage you to ask your pastor to mentor you in your Deaf Pah studies.


Browse the Deaf Pah Courses Collections:

Caring for Each Other

Churches in America

Church Officers and Boards

Everyday Life In Bible Times

Getting to Know Jesus

Guiding People: The Caring Leader

How to Teach Adults

Koehler's Dogmatics

Luther's Large Catechism

Small Group Leadership Skills

The History of the New Testament

The History of the Old Testament

Worship Is