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A few yean ago Prof. Ralph Van Deman Magoffin. then president of the Archeological Institute of America, wrote a fascinating, little book, to which he gave the title The Lure and Lore of Archeology. About one third of his discussion in this book concerns itself with the first part of his subject, while the remaining, two thirds of the book speak of the history and the science of archeology. The presentation is not technical, and therefore even the layman in the field will be able to follow the author without difficulty. Moreover, it is surprising to learn that the writer discusses so many subjects connected with archeology which are also of great interest to the theologian. And it is from the angle of the pastor and preacher that we wish to present the subject of Biblical and Christian archeology; for it. is a field of investigation and information which will more than repay every student of the Bible if he will give it the attention which it deserves or if he will at least take note of some of the most important data in connection with his reading and indexing.


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Romans 16:23; 1 Kings 9:15; 2 Kings 15:29; 2 Chronicles 8:6;

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