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Frederick August Craemer

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Some time ago, in conversation with one of our retired ministers who had received his theological training under Craemer at Springfield, Craemer was referred to as the "forgotten man of the Missouri Synod." Of course, this is not true of those who know the man who served as the head of our Practical Seminary for over forty years. They have not forgotten him, especially not those who were trained for the ministry by "Onkel” Craemer. Their eyes light up when they think of him, and what they say of him is spoken in a tone of profound love and admiration. This fact alone bespeaks the greatness of the man and the power of his unique personality. But forty- five years have elapsed since Craemer was gathered to his fathers, and the number of those who knew him has grown very small and is dwindling from year to year. When these have all passed on shall Craemer be forgotten? Shall he be only a name to most of us? Is there nothing in the life and activity of this man, who stood in the front ranks of the fathers with Walther, Wyneken, and Sihler, that may benefit the present generation and those that are yet to come?


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