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dialectical theology, justification, reformed theology, grace, obedience, doctrine, repentance, brunner, calvinism, cor ecclesiae, lutherans

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Dialecticism, a branch of Calvinism, vitiates the chief article of the Christian religion, the doctrine of justification by faith. It does injure to the cor ecclsriae. The article of the grace of God in Christ, of justification by faith, gives the Church its life; in terms of dogmatics, it forms the material principle of Christion theology. Calvinism, however, makes "the dogma of God's eternal election the cor ecclsriae, the heart of the Church." Furthermore, by taking the heart out of the means of grace in denying that they confer the forgiveness of sins, it renders justification by faith chimerical. And, finally, Reformed theology impugns the article of justification by faith directly.


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion

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Romans 4:5;

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