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The letter to the Philippians is addressed to a congregation to which the apostle was especially attached. Philippi had been the first city in Europe in which the apostle had magnified his Lord Jesus by preaching the Gospel, Acts 16, 12. 13; by establishing a congregation, vv. 14. 33-40; by suffering for the cause of the Gospel, vv. 19-24. In the dark, dreary dungeon of this city he and Silas at midnight burst forth in a song of praise for the content of which we may compare Acta 5, 41; 14, 27. To these Philippians the letter is addressed. Again Paul is in prison; again he is deprived of his liberty, this time not only for a few hours, but for many years.


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Philippians 1:12-21; Acts 16:12-13; Acts 14:33, 40; Acts 14:19-24; Acts 5:41; Acts 14:27; Acts 9:15; Acts 22:21; Acts 26:16-20; Acts 28:20; Ephesians 6:20; Philemon 1:10, 13; 1 Timothy 2:8; 1 Timothy 5:14;

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