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Chrisitan Burial

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christian burial, faith, congregation, lutheran, resurrection

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The topic "Christion Burial" might on first thought appear to be a topic that rightfully belongs to the pastoral conference. It should not require so much thought to realize, however, that the right understanding of this important subject and, following upon the right understanding, the correct practice concerning Christian burial is of vital importance to the members as well as to the pastor of the congregation, especially in our day, when the opinion is steadily gaining ground that Christian burial should be denied no one, regardless of what the deceased has confessed and how he hos lived. At no time perhaps does the pastor need the enlightened understanding and sympathetic support of his flock more than when he is forced on Scriptural grounds to refuse to officiant at a funeral. The purpose of this paper is to further this understanding and support May the Lord of the Church grant His blessing!


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1 Peter 1:3; Revelation 14:13; Deuteronomy 34:8; Matthew 14:12; Isaiah 5:20; Jeremiah 22:18-19; John 16:9; Philippians 4:7;

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