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Denifle Redivivus

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Romanists like to create the impression that the great "Protestant revolt" of the sixteenth century did not, after all, harm the "Church" much, that they can well afford to look down upon the Protestants with calm disdain and assume the attitude of "Let the dogs bark at the moon." But sometimes the tension becomes too great, and somebody cracks under the strain, and then the world may see that the wound is there, deep and sore. Such an outburst of hatred and fury was Denifle's work, 1904, on Luther and Lutheranism according to his own statement in the introduction. We had instances of this in 1917 when the four-hundredth anniversary of the Reformation was celebrated by the Protestant world. Evidences are appearing that 1933 has been a year of stress for the Romans, and cries of suffering are heard.


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